John Thompson Net Worth


john thompson net worthJohn Thompson Net Worth 2019: John Robert Thompson Jr. is a former American college basketball coach for the Georgetown Hoyas. He is now a professional radio and TV sports commentator.

  • First Name: John
  • Last Name: Thompson
  • Profession: Film/TV Producer

Personal Life

In 2019, John Thompson Net Worth is $3 Million. Inventor of the eponymous submachine gun that came into wide use around World War II. He was born in Newport, Kentucky, the son of Lt. Col. James Thompson.

How Much is John Thompson Net Worth?

According to Forbes, John Thompson Net Worth 2019 is $3 Million. His weapon proved useful in Mafia reckonings around Prohibition-era Chicago, leading to its nicknames the Chicago Piano and Chicago Typerwriter. He and Hiram Maxim , inventor of the famous machine gun, both designed weapons that would revolutionize close combat.

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